Signature Process

Democratizing access to architecture, design and engineering

Community-centered participatory design

We start by actively listening. We respect the wisdom of lived experiences and prioritize the residents’ vision for reimagining their environments.

Access to professional services

In addition to our own experienced team of designers and engineers, we may also act as general contractors and retain skilled workers appropriate to the job.

Two women and a man sitting in front of a house and going over documents, while a child looks on

Embedding the foundation of sustained transformation

Empowering agency & leadership

We identify, train and hire a cohort of Community Representatives from the community itself, especially women and young adults. Over time, they naturally evolve into respected leaders, supporting impact after CDA’s team leaves.

Tracking impact

CDA researchers, along with the Community Representatives, determine key outcome goals and create a plan to track and measure these on an ongoing basis.

Partnering with local organisations

We proactively collaborate with local organizations already in the community helps to identify needs, and reinforce continuity of services.

Innovating Financing

Blended finance funds integrate impact investment, philanthropy, and government funding, allowing our work to scale while ensuring the marginalized retain equity in their communities.