Govandi Arts Festival

Bringing together diverse communities through arts and culture

Mumbai, India

Govandi Arts Festival is a celebration of arts and culture that thrive in marginalised neighbourhoods through sustained creative interventions.

Sanjaynagar Slum Redevelopment Project

Working with residents to regenerate their neighbourhood

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

Sanjaynagar, a slum in Ahmednagar city, is home to 298 families. Working alongside the community under the Government's Housing for All scheme, we developed a redevelopment plan, to include development, design and construction, of eight G+2 buildings.

The social space is enjoyed by all residents of the neighbourhood

Public Housing: Natwar Parekh Colony

Revitalising Public Housing Neighbourhoods

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

With more than 25,000 people packed into a tightly laid out grid of 61 (Ground + 6) buildings across 5 hectares, Natwar Parekh Colony’s (NPC) population is comparable to that of a Tier-3 city in India. More than 70% of the residents live with no access to sunlight, air ventilation or open spaces in and around their homes.


Co-creating a formal workspace for informal e-waste dismantlers

Delhi, India

India is the 3rd largest producer of e-waste in the world and formally recycles only 10% of it. The environmental and health hazards of unsound recycling practices, barriers to compliance with legal standards and marginalization threaten the livelihood of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled labourers working in this sector.

Exterior view of Niramay

Niramay Place

Building a safe and healthy environment for sex workers and their children

Shevgaon, Maharashtra, India

Niramay is a home for women employed in sex work in Shevgaon, a town in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The idea behind Niramay was to begin a conversation around the health and safety of thousands of women and children living in hundreds of red light areas across the country.

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