To create socio-cultural understanding of the built environment and unearth diverse perspectives and insights that can influence policy level decisions to create spatial equality and equity.


At Community Design Agency, we research on various socio-cultural aspects of the urbanscape with the active participation of our community partners. Surveys and studies, whether specific to a project or a broader thematic area, are conducted using participatory tools, GIS mapping, qualitative interviews and quantitative metrics.

We aim to build on these practices to reveal more holistic insights and perspectives that could influence larger policies on urban design and spatial equality, which in turn impacts people across different demographic groups.


Two young girls infront of a blue wall, with one measuring the height of the other

Health and Housing

Is there a correlation between underweight children and the quality of housing, given India is also home to a large population living in unsafe housing conditions?

Children playing in front of two large buildings on top of a cement tank

Mapping Quality of Life in Resettlement Colonies of Mumbai

This project aims at being the first step towards assessing policies and practices employed in rehabilitating the urban poor.



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