Health and Housing


The aim of this study is to understand if access to safe housing has an impact on the health of children. According to a study done by WHO, India has one of the highest populations (43%) of underweight children in the world.

Is there a correlation between underweight children and the quality of housing, given India is also home to a large population living in unsafe housing conditions? To probe this link, a health survey of children aged between 6 and 12 – who are residents of Sanjaynagar – was conducted in partnership with Snehalaya. This baseline survey will be followed by another survey of children from the same age group 5 years from when they move into their new homes.


Young community representatives who have been working with Snehalaya on the ongoing housing program were trained to conduct surveys on their phones via an app. They also participated in creating the questionnaire and added community specific insights. The data collected through the survey has been analysed and shared with the community representatives and team of Snehalaya working on health issues who are going to create specific initiatives on basis of the findings of the survey.

Status: Ongoing